Sunday, April 25, 2010

If you lost something, would you wait 5 days before you started to look for it?

Let's say you lose your wallet. No, let's say you lose your friend's wallet. Would you wait 5 days before you go looking for it? Well, American Airlines seems to think it's okay to wait 5 days before they start looking for your luggage if they lose it. American Airlines lost my friend's bag when he flew back to DFW from Puerto Rico, Luckily, he's going to get it back, but I wonder how many people don't ever get their bags back. You see American Airlines does not track your luggage from point to point. The way it was explained to me is that they enter the bag into the computer when they check it, then they basically don't know where that bag is until it ends up at the final destination. According to one of American's representatives, they lose less than 2% of bags, but think about how many bags they handle every day. Saying less than 2% sounds small, but if they handle half a million bags a day, then 1% would be 5,000 bags that are lost every day. According to the American representative, most bags are reunited with the passenger within 24 hours. I don't understand how they think it's logical for someone to assume that a bag will just turn up when there is no way to know where the bag is until it reaches it's final destination. Then if the bag doesn't turn up after 5 days they have you fill out a claim form. I didn't ask how long it takes after that because I was kind of dumbfounded that they think it's alright for them not to have any idea where your bag is for 5 days before they start thinking about doing something to make up for it. If other businesses did business like this, they'd be out of business pretty quick. I'm going to talk more about this on my show on Wednesday, and I think this little fiasco with my friend's bag has inspired me to start a new segment on my show which I'll introduce after I talk about this on my show. So be sure and listen on Wednesday to hear all about it.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Pope Needs to Go

I mentioned on my show last night the possibility that the Pope may need to resign because of the sex abuse scandal. The more I think about this, the more I think that is exactly what needs to happen. It appears to me from everything I have heard that he and others in the Church knew what was going on and did nothing but cover it up. I believe that the Catholic Church needs to conduct an exhaustive investigation into the matter and get rid of everyone responsible for the cover up, even if that means the Pope ends up being fired. Yes I said it. The Pope needs to be fired. I welcome any comments about this post and anything else that I discuss on my show.